DUBAI - Karachi Kings head coach Mickey Arthur has said that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has become a production house for Pakistan cricket as budding talent has been emerging from it.

Expressing his views during the press conference, Arthur said that the first edition gave Hassan Ali, the second was about Shadab Khan and now a number of juniors are also stepping forward. “The youngsters are performing well during the third edition and I am keeping close watch on them. This edition will also prove to be remarkable and provide Pakistan budding talent, who will serve the country in near future.”

Arthur said that three out of three is always a great feeling, but there is still a lot to play and every team has equal chances in the tournament. “Winning is always great feeling and this time too, the Kings started well and I am sure, with the passage of time, the players will further flourish. Three out of three is always a great feeling, but there is still a lot to play and every team has equal chances in the tournament yet. He said there is still long way to go and they have to be very careful about complacency. “Bopara and other senior players will deliver more. Bopara’s innings was highlight of Kings batting, which took the total to where we would have wanted. We were targeting 150 and we were sure we could defend it.”

Kings are playing like Pakistan national team as they are also not scoring enough runs, but on the other hand, it’s bowlers are delivering. On this, Arthur said: “Yes, it is a bit of that kind of situation, but as I said, these are early days. The boys are doing well and soon they will start performing better to best.”

When asked about Afridi’s contribution to the team, he said: “Afridi is outstanding and his contributions are already making the difference. His fielding and the way he held the superb catch the other night, it was amazing. I always admire Afridi, who is now an asset for Kings.”

Pakistani players are over-loaded as they play in too many leagues and especially about T10 while on the other hand, the World Cup is coming next year. About this, Arthur said: “I haven’t talked to the PCB over this, but players have to choose the country or leagues, we have to pick only 15 for World Cup and we will go for the very best.”

On M Aamir’s injury, Arthur said: “Aamir was fine, when he woke up this morning and had no pain. We decided to give him rest, as it is very long tournament and we need him for important matches.” About Usman Shinwari, the coach said: “We checked with medical team, who declared Usman completely fit and then we decided to go with him and he was brilliant, highly pumped up and justified his role.”

Replying to a query about Dubai pitches, the coach said he feels that these are perfect tracks and we should play on them. “True quality of a batsman is determined on these sort of surfaces, when the ball is moving a bit and helping both bowlers and batsmen. It is witnessed that batsmen did score loads of runs on placid surfaces, but keeping in mind, we have to play on different surfaces, I feel we must utilise such tracks more often.

“I personally feel it makes no sense of making scores on dead tracks. It will be in no one’s benefit, rather harmful to the batsmen, as they are badly exposed, when they have to play on fast tracks, which help the bowlers more,” he added.