“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at

yourself, then make that change.”

–Micheal Jackson

Music is the enigma that brings the world together. Perhaps there are few entertainers as revolutionary, as famous or as notorious as Micheal Jackson. Today marks the day in 1984, when Jackson won 8 awards at the 26th iteration of the Grammys.

Jackson’s music in itself never was about bringing socio-political change and revolution, but it was more about a feeling of ease and fun – which is commonly attributed to the pop genre. Rather than being his music defining a cause, it was an emblem of passion and perseverance. Before Jackson came along the fray, the idea was simple – Rock and Roll by White American performers sold out crowds. Then came along – Micheal Jackson – he challenged this norm and through his music proved, that superstars can be young and African American – showing that your background did not matter in the accession to the throne of the “King of Pop”. As outsiders in any institutional setting, we can perhaps empathise with Jackson and produce such skill or art, that it makes us successful despite the barriers.