Irrespective of justification or otherwise of this move by USA and European countries, this country faces threat of economic sanctions and tough times, if it is placed on FATF watch list. It is time steps are taken to eliminate the opulent lifestyle of elected and paid civil or uniformed public office holders at state expense and enforce Tax collection. Where else in world there exist such schemes where multiple expensive real estate plots are allotted to those who are paid to perform assigned tasks and where over 60% population live below poverty line, devoid of health, education and clean drinking water? 

Pakistan in the words of Quaid-e-Azam inherited cancer of corruption, bribery, hoarding, black-marketing from British Raj in 1947. Both India and Pakistan faced this cancer and steps were required to eliminate this mindset. The sole objective of colonial power was transfer wealth, natural resources and assets of subcontinent to boost economy of UK. They created and trained a civil bureaucracy and an army to achieve their objective. Corruption exists in India even today but they have clamped down on flight of capital by public office holders hostage to their conflicts of interest and susceptible to insatiable greed by ensuring that there is no concept of dual nationality. It is universally accepted fact that an individual can have belief in one religion and loyalty only to one country. 

Purpose of self government by transparently elected representative stands defeated if public office holders and those entrusted sacrosanct task of securing it have split loyalties, having sworn an oath of allegiance to another country and relocated their families and assets there. If Gulf and Mid-East were to offer nationalities to Pakistanis, almost 80% of those holding important assignments would be holding their nationality instead of an Iqama. 

Pakistan continues to be an ideal country for tax evasion, where black money and corruption thrives and laws exist to facilitate transfer of money to foreign countries with unending amnesty schemes. What else can you expect if State Bank, National Bank, FBR, Customs, senior bureaucracy, and major state owned statutory organizations like PSO, PIA,CAA etc are dominated by individuals holding dual nationalities and who will definitely transfer their legally and illegally acquired wealth to foreign shores where their families reside. 


Lahore, February 15.