LAHORE - Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has strongly condemned Indian for showing unprovoked aggression.

“If India commits folly of attacking Pakistan, it will learn unforgettable lesson in return,” Shehbaz said over the response given by Pakistan Army to Indian aggression.

Shehbaz said Pakistan will not compromise on its sovereignty and honour and India will get a crushing reply if it ever ventured to challenge Pakistan on these counts.

He highly appreciated the Pak Army response to Indian aggression, saying “Our forces have added a new chapter of valour in the history by shooting down two fighter jets of the enemy.”

He urged Indian PM Modi to mend his ways and act sanely  The nation stands by our soldiers in defence of the country and against this unprecedented spirit, India must shun the path of war and aggression against Pakistan otherwise it will get unforgettable lesson,” he warned.