Islamabad - Social media on Wednesday became a battle zone of competing narratives after Pakistan shot down two Indian aircraft inside its airspace, rescuing one of the intruding pilots Wing Commander Abhinandan.

PakistanStrikesBack, SayNoToWar, Abhinandan, BringBackAbhinandan, POWs, and IAF Pilot were some of the top trends.

“Proud to announce, I was project director for JF-17 Thunder programme jointly produced by Pakistan and China during the tenure of General Pervez Musharraf. Today, same jets targeted and shot down Indian jets which entered Pakistani airspace, PakistanZindabaad,” wrote Air Marshal retired Shahid Latif in his tweet. The post was re-tweeted, liked and commented by thousands.

User Asfandyar Bhittani said, “It took India 11 days to bomb 4 trees, but Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets, captured pilot, hammered Indian troops, within 30 hours.”

He said international community who backed Indian aggression, must realise they are betting on a wrong horse.

Hitting Indian airplane inside Pakistan, and capturing Indian air force officer was much bigger event of the history than the Indian warplanes entering Pakistan airspace after crossing the Line of Control and claiming to bomb some terrorist camps a day earlier.

The first Indian airstrike on Pakistani territory since 1971- and Islamabad threatened to strike back.

The shooting down of 2 Indian Air Force planes by Pakistan is the world’s most important story today, ahead of Trump/Kim summit tomorrow, said Chief Global Correspondent of NBCNews.

He said the arrest will cause fury in India. Their Air Force pilot tied up & filmed by Pakistani captors (against the Geneva Convention).

Many Pakistanis were quick to remind him that the Indian pilot was rescued by Pakistani jawans, and the reaction was from the villagers on whom the pilot was going to bomb.

This is the difference. While Indian army killed 4 Kashmiri civilians in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir, Pakistan Army saved the Indian pilot #Abhinandan from a Kashmiri mob. Hear about Pak army’s professionalism from himself, another user said.

Pakistani netizens paid homage to PAF Sqaudron Leader Hasan Siddiqui, who shot Indian MIG 29.

In videos it was seen how Pakistan Army rescued Indian pilot from local villagers and treated him well.

The message from the war prisoner that he was treated well and wanted India to treat his war prisoners with same respect enough to demoralise the Indian hawks.

PrimeMinister @ImranKhanPTI: the last time we met, you spoke passionately about our nations’ shared history. “If our people are to have a shared future, we need to treat each other with decency. Starting with WingCmdr AbhinandanVarthaman, whom you see being abused in this video,” wrote Shashi Tharoor, MP for Thiruvananthapuram, former Minister of State, India and former Under Secretary General, United Nations.

This exhibition of an Indian POW as a spectacle by the “Pakistan Army is a serious violation of the Geneva Convention and laws governing wars. No POW can be interviewed in captivity, but then what do barbarians care about Intl Law,” wrote a user @TarekFatah

Many snapped back by reminding India’s worst human rights repeated violation spread over the decades.

“Your major tied a Kashmiri boy in front of his jeep and drove in the valley. Which part of Geneva Convention or any human right you people follow,” said Aleyaqoob.

Murtaza Ali Shah replying to an Indian user Sona Singh said, “You were OK when Geneva Convention was violated yesterday when India violated Pak territory. And India has been violating UN conventions in occupied Kashmir for over 70 years. Plz speak about that”.

While many on Twitter continued to engage in a bay for blood many called for peace, using the hashtag SayNoToWar.

Users from both sides of the border, reminded the emotionally charged netizens, that war was not a solution to any dispute and it only bring horrible destruction to lives and infrastructure.

“Abandon any government that calls for war. War is not what the people want. We stand against war. Strikes happened on both sides and now please END it. The purpose is to kill terrorism and if the governments are resolved in doing so, let’s see them DO it,” wrote sukti dc, from Kolkata.