As law abiding citizens of the country, we should all observe traffic rules. The question is: how many of us follow the rules without a fear of being apprehended in case of non-observance? I think a very few. I was on a short visit to Australia, where I found that the traffic rules were adhered to strictly just because they have a system in place where a violator would be immediately caught, or issued a ticket. In addition to the speed cameras, the traffic on the roads is monitored through operation rooms located at suitable places. Even the duration of the traffic lights is regulated through these operation room, depending on the density of traffic on a particular road. Throughout my two months’ stay there, I did not see a traffic policeman on the roads. The penalties for violations also differed depending on their severity.

In our country, I think it’s the ability to implement the traffic rules which is badly lacking. Although the road signs regarding speed limits are all over the place, hardly a few observe them. Many a fatal accidents are taking place on daily basis due to over-speeding by errant drivers. Even the “speed camera ahead” signs at some places have not been able to control over speeding. I frequently travel on Margalla road. While going towards Faisal Mosque, there is a “speed camera ahead” sign in front of F-10 Sector, but as you travel along the road there are no signs of actual cameras fitted right, up to the mosque. What does one make of this? Probably to warn the motorist of something which is not actually there. I think such tactics by our law enforcement agencies don’t work. A regular traveler will figure them out soon enough. I have actually seen people over-speeding on this road with no consequence. Therefore, there is a strong need to have a system in place for strict implementation of traffic rules in order to make our roads safer.


Islamabad, February 5.