ISLAMABAD -  Women commuters in the federal capital on Wednesday urged the quarters concerned to address the difficulties being faced by them using online cab services.

According to them, although this new online transport service is a blessing for citizens still there are issues related to this service for females. They said that many of the professional women and students have to face rude  misbehavior from the drivers and even sometimes they face harassment.

Nimra Qazi, a working woman said that  most of the drivers are unfamiliar with the routes or do not know the exact location.

She said that they are lacking road sense and when we try to tell them they start using rough attitude and even they cancel the ride. She said that most of the drivers are uneducated and untrained who are hired as drivers without knowing their qualification or police record. She said that there is no online complaint system for online cab services as whenever I tried to submit a complaint I got an auto replay but nothing happened afterward. Another women commuter Amina Hayat said that “although we have taken a sigh of relief after the arrival of online cab service soon we were started facing a number of issues”. She said that “most of the time drivers cancel her ride before reaching to a location which is a very unprofessional way”. 

She said there is regular practice observed that after reaching location they don’t even wait for five minutes and cancel the ride which is very annoying.

She suggested that online transport service companies should hire trained, educated and professional drivers to win the confidence of passengers particularly female passengers.

When contacted an official of online transport service, Muhammad Haroon said that whenever we receive any complaint from women passenger, the company immediately expel the driver after an investigation.

He said that when we started this service we were not hiring much qualified drivers but now we have fixed criteria for driver eligibility.

He said that we are hiring more women drivers to make their service friendly, safer and comfortable for female commuters.

He said “We are making friendly complaint mechanism to entertain every complaint with feedback.”