KARACHI                  -            Chinese Consul General in Karach, Li Bijan on Thursday said the epidemic of coronavirus was very much treatable and curable and there was no need to be panic, however certain preventive measures be adopted.

“This epidemic is treatable and curable, and there is no need for panic but to adopt certain preventive measures to stop transmission of the virus,” he said while responding to media during briefing by Chinese agricultural experts on control of locust in Pakistan, at a local hotel.

Li Bijan said that since outbreak of this epidemic, both—Chinese and Pakistan governments – were fighting it together. Chinese government was duly looking after thousands of Pakistani citizen living in China mainly for jobs or education.

“Our problem is your problem and your problem is our,” he remarked adding that we were ready to provide all possible assistance to Pakistan.

“Eventually, your government will handle this issue,” he posed confidence.

He said, coronavirus was public health threat for entire world including China , Iran and Pakistan. However, he said, experts had come up with vaccine.