Lahore         -           While mysterious entry of a young villager into a barred enclosure allocated to a pride of lions here in Lahore Safari Park has culminated into his killing the incident has raised a plethora of questions regarding the safety and security of the country’s only zoo of its own kind. Meanwhile, father of 17-year-old Bilal whom the lions had reportedly eaten has submitted his written complaint against the zoo management accusing the officials of pressuring him so as to conceal and distort facts. “Lahore Safari Park management is continuously threatening me and forcing to proclaim a wrong statement that my son was mentally imbalanced and after suffering from fits he himself entered the lions’ area by scaling the iron-fence,” Muhammad Sharif said. Father of the teenager whose remains were recovered from inside the space allocated for the lions filed an application with Raiwind police station and stated that Shafqat, an official of the zoo, was threatening him with construction of a false police case against him. The complainant said that his son was not at all a mentally-retarded youth as he was fit and fine. The poor father has requested the police to investigate that as to where the security of the park was when his son Bilal entered the premises. “Was the security staff deployed to cover the park was asleep?” an ordinary villager Sharif said and described the zoo management responsible for the death of his son. Tractor runs over teenage motorcyclist A tractor passing through Adalat Shah Darbar area of Chuhng here on Thursday crushed 19-year-old Awais to death. Driver of the tractor fled as the vehicle was impounded by police.