LAHORE       -        Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Thursday said that bureaucracy and political government should work hand-in-hand to solve peoples’ problems.

“If the political leadership and civil servants work in cohesion, they can overcome big challenges not in years and months but in days,” he remarked while addressing the passing-out ceremony of 42nd Specialized Training Programme of PAS Campus at Civil Services Academy and later talking to the media here on Thursday.

He said present government was working on the agenda of ameliorating the lot of common man, a task which was impossible to be completed without cooperation of the civil servants.

“When bureaucracy makes justice-based decisions, there is no need to worry about anything,” he observed. The governor said that rules and regulations were there to guide the officers to execute official tasks. “Those officers who follow these rules never face any difficulty in performing official duties. But, when an officer sits over a file on any ground, it not only affects a single person, but also puts dozens of people depended on him in difficulty. Your focus should be to complete all the process within stipulated time”, he advised the civil servants.

“From the day one, Prime Minister Imran Khan has the vision to positively change the common man’s life for which provision of all basic facilities including health and education will be ensured to the masses”, he said.

The governor said that government’s efforts to provide a clean and healthy environment to the people could not bear fruit until the public officers and their departments do not take the people along.

Ch Sarwar claimed that PTI’s government had purged all the institutions of political interference. Merit and transparency is the top most priority of the government, he added. “All institutions are working independently as per law and the constitution. “It is now responsibility of public sector departments to play an active role in giving relief to the people and there should not be any leniency on this count”, he said.

The governor appreciated the fact that women from Gilgit-Baltistan had also joined the civil service. Civil Services Academy’s Director General Sohail Amir, Secretary Establishment Ejaz Munir, Principal Secretary to Punjab Governor Dr. Rashid Mansoor were also present on the occasion.