KARACHI           -           Flying manoeuvres and skilful changes of position of PAF fighter planes JF-17 Thunder and F-16 turned the air show conducted under the auspices of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) here on Thursday, all the more mesmerizing for the citizens reaching Sea View- the venue, in large numbers.

The event organized to commemorate the first anniversary of “Operation Swift Retort,” had indeed attracted a sizable number of people from almost every part of Karachi who, otherwise also, were little deterred by the warm weather condition.

Spectators, comprising people of all ages, groups and gender, majority but being youth and children, were allowed to enter the well decorated “Pandal” after required screening that again did not dampen their spirit as were keen to celebrate the PAF supremacy over their Indian counterparts this day a year ago.

Besides being in awe of the aerobatic skills of the PAF pilots led by Wing Commander Zeeshan Munawar, Wing Commander Mudassar Riaz and Wing Commander Irfan Patal, leading a fleet of some 15 aircrafts of different models, the display of fire work was an added charm for many, predominantly kids.

Air Vice Marshall Abbas Ghumman reminded people on the occasion that February 27 was being celebrated by PAF as a “Surprise Day” to mark shooting down of two Indian Air Force air crafts, that had intruded into Pakistani air space, with malafide intentions last year.

The event among others was also attended by Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah and Commander of Five Corps (Karachi), Lt. Gen Humanyun Aziz.