Toba Tek Singh             -           Deputy Commissioner Ms Amina Munir along with assistant commissioner Rizwanul Haq led a health department team, district drug inspector and other officials, and raided on Thursday night general post office’s night shift branch and recovered scores of parcels of prohibited herbal medicines prepared allegedly with mixing in them prohibited steroids used to make slim people healthy and fat and for sex stimulating purposes.

Drugs which were packed in parcels were being supplied all over Pakistan through parcels which were booked from the post office. The health department team got samples of prepared herbal medicines and sent to Punjab government’s drug testing laboratory in Lahore. Health officials told reporters that such medicines prepared by quacks caused kidney failure of those who consumed them. The DC stated that inquiry will also be made against post office employees who were involved in booking of parcels of prohibited medicines.  A GPO official claimed that they were bound to book the parcels.


 as they had not received any written order to stop the booking of such type of parcels.