SUICIDE bomber Hasib Hussain casually strolls among hundreds of anxious Tube passengers - with a rucksack packed with deadly hydrogen peroxide on his back, The Sun reported on Thursday. This chilling CCTV footage from outside Kings Cross station in London was taken minutes after his three cohorts had blown themselves up on Underground trains. But the 18-year-old terrorists device didnt go off because the batteries were dud - and he was evacuated along with thousands of other passengers on the day of the 7/7 atrocity five years ago. The pictures were released by the July 7 inquest coroner Lady Justice Hallett after faces of members of the public were blurred. With the area around the station still teeming with people, Hussain, from Leeds, wanders back and forth across the station concourse wondering what to do. He first goes to Boots, where he doesnt buy anything, before heading to WHSmiths at the terminus. He is seen taking the heavy rucksack off his back and squatting beside it for two minutes examining the contents. Hussain then enters the newsagents and buys fresh batteries. From the station he walks outside to a McDonalds burger bar, where he doesnt eat but spends several minutes in the toilets. Outside, again appearing to be wondering what to do, he wanders up and down Euston Road outside Kings Cross, his image clearly captured by cameras at a cashpoint. It is 30 minutes since the bombs on the Underground exploded. In other videos released by the coroner, Hussain then boards a number 91 bus heading towards Euston, angering fellow passengers by bumping into them with his huge backpack. They describe him as sweating profusely and having white flecks on his lips. At Euston he switches to the number 30 bus, boarding a seat on the top deck near the back. He detonates his bomb at 9.47am, killing 13 and injuring dozens more.