In Federal Cabinet meeting on Wednesday,26th January 2011, it has been decided to allow import of used cars which will, eventually, bring down rising trend of prices of locally manufactured vehicles. Cabinet has approved the recommendations of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), the decision which was earlier reverted by Prime Minister. On 8th December, Last year, import of used cars was approved on the recommendation of ECC, but the decision was taken back later, causing blockade of billions of car importers who had booked cars for import. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the ECC again proposed import of used cars to control the cartel of new car manufacturers and the cabinet endorsed it. Allowing import of used cars (maximum 5 years old) will definitely break the cartel of new car manufacturers and ease the market. Pakistans four largest car manufacturers have total capacity of producing 350,000 cars (800 to 1600cc) annually, whereas, total market needs are around 500,000 cars annually. This gap will be bridged by import of used cars and the menace of own will also be removed from business. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad