That the Kashmiris have been even stripped of their inalienable right to decide their future says a lot about the state of democracy prevailing in India. Wednesday which was its Republic Day was denounced by the Kashmiris as Black Day. It was a shame to see tens of thousands of troops blocking literally every road in major towns of the occupied Valley to prevent people from taking to the streets. Those who dared step out of their homes had to face their fury including baton charge, arrests and shelling. However, in the face of these repressive measures, the Indian army could not stop the protestors from giving vent to their feelings of anger against India; the Valley on Wednesday kept reverberating with anti-India slogans. While these demonstrations were going on, some BJP activists were detained for trying to hoist the Indian flag on Srinagars Lal Chowk to celebrate the Republic Day, making the situation quite volatile. The Kashmiris showed unanimity in their stand that they want India to give the people their right to self-determination recognised by the UNSC Resolutions. State puppet Minister Omer Abdullah was also seen indulging in bogus rhetoric and trying to make offers of negotiations to the Kashmiri leaders that was nothing but a complete sham. The world must see for itself how India celebrates its Republic Day. It a pity that innocent people who are merely demanding their rights accepted by the UNSC in 1948 and assented to by the Nehru government are being ruthlessly suppressed for raising their voice to get those rights. This is hardly the democracy that could boost Indias image, as this kind of state terrorism was the hallmark of Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes. The world community led by the West that never tires of claming itself to be the champion of human rights must take note of the situation and the UNSC must take its resolutions out of cold storage since they constitute the cornerstone of the UN Charter, and implement them at the earliest.