ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Thursday observed that despite warnings and judgments, law-enforcement agencies are flagrantly violating the court orders despite that the court is exercising restraint. 'The complaints of missing citizens instead of decreasing have increased therefore it needed to be checked, noticed a three-member bench of the apex court head by Justice Raja Fayyaz and comprised Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali and Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa. The court noted that nothing new has come up and the issue remains the same except that some hectic efforts have been launched to recover the missing persons. The court observed that all the State functionaries, agencies and government officers are subject to the law and Constitution and they are supposed to act only and only in accordance with the law and command of the Constitution. 'Violations whereof may entail legal consequences if the mandate of the law is not adhered to strictly,it added. 'The Supreme Court office is directed to sit with the Attorney General offices staff and prepare a separate list of cases showing connection of police and spy agencies regarding the complaints of picked up of citizens by law-enforcement agencies so that an appropriate legal order against the responsible officers could be ordered in order to proceed against them under the criminal law, the court observed. Justice Raja Fayyaz during the proceeding observed that Federal government seems to be helpless and it has no control over the spy agencies. The Court stated that November 3, 2007 Emergency and PCO are also linked with the missing persons cases. Justice Khosa said the issue of missing persons has become very sensitive in Balochistan as the intelligence agencies officials were thinking that they were securing Pakistan through lifting people but in fact they damaging the country. The court observed that according to the Judicial Commissions report that 290 persons were traced, in which 78 were recovered from the agencies. The court noted that JC in its report also recommended the government to give compensation to the family of illegal detainee. 'Nobody is above the law and due to illegal disappearances we are heading towards anarchy, said Justice Fayyaz. He observed that what was the benefit of keeping such high profile agencies that failed to collect evidences regarding disappeared persons. 'It seems that we have become slaves of disobedient persons as it is the duty of the Parliamentarians to take notice on missing persons because they have all taken oath for protecting the Constitution. Secretaries Ministries of Interior and Defence in pursuance of the court order appeared before the court, but the bench noted that Attorney General Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq did not. The AG was required in view of the his submission which he had made before the court earlier to specify those lines which he wanted to be omitted before making the report of the Inquiry Commission public. It was noted that no such lines and paragraphs, in respect of sensitivity, were pointed out by the Attorney General yet. However, Additional Attorney General K K Agha informed the court that Asma Jehangir President Supreme Court Bar Association and Amna Janjua Chairperson Defence of Human Right (DHR) also obtained the copy of report. The AAG made submission that intelligence agencies are effectively combating the terrorism against the forces involving directly or indirectly that are causing threat to the integrity and solidarity of the country both internally and externally. He said that their efforts are commendable. K K Agha accepted that it is the right of the missing persons families to know the whereabouts of their dear ones, adding, due to the commission a number of persons have been traced and some of them have moved out of the country. The Secretaries of Defence and Interior in collaboration with the intelligence agencies could arrange meetings between the missing persons with their families. The court stated that it has been observed that tribunal may likely be established for further probe. The court noted 'In our estimation it will not be fruitful in view of the submission made by the other side that horrible experience of lifting persons by the intelligence agencies with or without the police in darkness of night still going on. Secretary Ministry of Interior Qamar Zaman and Secretary Ministry of Defence Athar Ali informed the court that a plan has been prepared to effectively resolve this issue by holding meeting of missing persons with their relatives.