It was strange to hear PM Gillani saying that "why was the army unaware that Osama was living in Abbottabad". May I remind our all knowing PM that what smoking out nefarious characters inside Pakistan is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, not the Army. I think our Rahman Malik is to blame. But can the PM have the guts to point a finger at Zardari's chum and chiefwhip is any body's guess. And most importantly, why has the PM, and his party accepted as truth, that Osama was alive in 2011? Everyone with some sense knows that this drama was an imperial farce. There is ample proof to suggest that Osama died in 2003 of renal failure in Afghanistan. Most of the American bigwigs who were in the know of things in Afghanistan, have made this statement. Why must our "elected" government voice the spin of American biased propaganda? Once we get our basics right about the truth of OBL's death in Afghanistan in 2003/4, most of the confusion gets cleared up.


Rawalpindi, December 23.