Pakistani politicians often rebuff the demand for making public their entire assets on the plea that they regularly declare the same at the time of contesting elections. The truth of the figures actually recorded with Election Commission is, however, questionable. The startling revelations about the “declared assets” of these political leaders show a complete travesty of facts and misstatements made by them, to befool the public.

1-“Chief Minister Sindh, owns only one residential house worth Rs. 2.7 million and land property valuing Rs. 1.5 million!”

2-“Chief Minister Punjab, has only a 2006 model Toyota Land Cruiser. His assets in UK worth Rs. 175 million are under mortgage!”

3-“Mian Nawaz Sharif’s taxable income does not yield more than Rs. 6,000 of income tax annually” (Property owned by Sharifs in UK, London, Saudi Arabia and other foreign countries as well as in Raiwind, is unexplained).

4-“Ch. Moonis Elahi does not have even a single vehicle of his own; his business abroad values only Rs. 0.7 million” (What about huge investments made by ‘Chaudhry Brothers’ and their family in Spain, Germany and other foreign countries).

5-“Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Gillani does not earn enough to pay tax of more than Rs. 7,600 and has no vehicle of his own” (Reported purchases made by the First Lady, from Harrods, London for over £ 50,000, in one go, import of a bullet proof vehicle for Rs. 128 million by PM’s son, and acquisition of two residential buildings in the posh locality of Lahore, are some of the events which reveal the super status enjoyed by PM’s family).

This is only a glimpse of the hypocritical picture of our high profile leaders including Prime Minister, Provincial Chief Ministers, Ministers, MNAs and MPAs, and of course the president of Pakistan!


Lahore, December 23.