LAHORE – About 70 per cent of the incumbent legislators will stand disqualified in case they decide to contest the next elections, to be held after strict enforcement of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution and the amended electoral laws, says a former senior official of the Election Commission of Pakistan.Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad, a former secretary who remained involved in all elections held between 1977 and 2010, said while talking to TheNation here on Sunday that the agreement between the government and Pakistan Awami Tehrik Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri would cleanse the electoral process of all corrupt practices and throw out of the field all those who have been winning the past polls only because of their money.In the changed situation, he said competent people from middle class would also be able to get elected and serve their constituents. Many political parties feel uncomfortable with the agreement between Dr Qadri and the ruling coalition, knowing that it would not be easy for them to find candidates with all those qualities which the Constitution describes as touchstone for the holders of the public office.The former ECP official said the decision to give 30 days for the scrutiny of nomination papers was the most important of all decisions taken in Qadri-government talks. According to him, since the returning officers would be from the judiciary, it would not be possible for any corrupt person pass through the new ‘filters’ being put in place.The next assemblies, Mr Dilshad said, would likely be dominated by new faces if the voters used their ballots in favour of honest and competent people.The upcoming elections will be the freest and most transparent ever if the rules of the game decided by the PAT and the government leaders are adhered to, said the former ECP secretary.In his opinion, legal cover to the agreement could be given by promulgating a presidential ordinance, which should not be problem for the ruling coalition.Answering a question, he said now the returning officers would take decisions about the eligibility or ineligibility of the candidates keeping in sight the information to be provided by various government departments. The practice of courts allowing the candidates to contest the election subject to final judicial verdict would come to an end, he believed.Because of this practice, many people in the past won the election and when they were about to complete their term, the court held them ineligible.Mr Dilshad said this time the political parties would have to be very careful while awarding tickets to their candidates. Anyone with a bad reputation or failing to meet other legal requirements would be a source of great embarrassment even to his party, he said.About the fate of the frequent loyalty changers, he said there was no law that bars them from taking part in the elections.Turncoats, he said, were loyal only to themselves and not their supporters and voters and should not be allowed to contest the election.But, he said, to keep them out of the arena fresh legislation would be required.The former ECP official said the elections should be held strictly on time and the process should not be delayed on any account.The PAT chief and the ruling coalition leaders decided on Sunday that the date for the next polls would be announced during the next 10 days.The National Assembly will complete its term on March 16, but it will be dissolved earlier so that the polls are held in 90 days, with a 30-day period reserved for the scrutiny of the nomination papers.