PESHAWAR - Patron-in-Chief Awami National Party-Wali Khan Group Begum Naseem Wali Khan has called upon the federal and provincial governments to be united against terrorism and take practical steps to stop shedding the blood of innocent people.
"The country leadership should unite on a single agenda to maintain peace and they must take serious steps for restoration of peace in the country," she remarked this while addressing the party men on the occasion of 8th death anniversary of Khan Abdul Wali Khan and 26th anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan here at the Neshtar Hall on Monday.
Besides large number of senior activists of Awami National Party, veteran leader of Awami National Party Wali Khan Abdur Rahman, ANP leader from Sawabi Rasheed Khan, former MPA Irshad Thandar, Pakistan Muslim League leader Fareed Tofan, Central President of Pakhtoon Students Federation Basheer Sherpao and a large number of party activists were present on the occasion.
"The politics of Asfandyar Wali disappointed me and I do not expect he has the capability to protect the lives of Pakhtoons and other countrymen. That is why I felt the need to lead the Pakhtoons to a right direction," Begum Naseem said.
Naseem said she waited for seven years that ANP would be put on right track to serve the poor Pakhtoons but to no avail. "I did not find any sincere leader to follow the path of Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan and now in the last days of my life I have decided to save the party from the clutches of certain opportunists," she added.
"I do not want to see corrupt people in the convoy of non-violent philosopher who rendered great sacrifices for the cause of nation. I am definitely old and weak but my courage and enthusiasm is still alive and I will visit each nook and corner of the country to unite the disgruntled Pakhtoon brothers," she maintained.
Naseem said there would be no place for corrupt and opportunist people in her party and anyone who wanted to loot something and to earn something he should join the party of Asfandyar Wali Khan. She said she was a poor woman and would like to unite the poor workers of the party.
Addressing on the occasion, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Fareed Tofan said he served the Awami National Party for 48 years but unfortunately Asfandyar Wali and his self-centred friends forcibly expelled him from the party.
Criticising Asfandyar, Fareed said he was an incompetent person to lead the party. He hinted that instead of fleeing it was good for him to be martyred in Charsadda blast because his escape earned a bad name to Pakhtoons. 
He said Wali Khan had directed him to lead the party as general secretary with Begum Naseem Wali Khan but unfortunately some opportunists occupied and hijacked the party and later expelled its true leadership from the party ranks.
Addressing on the occasion, veteran leader Abdur Rahman Khan paid glowing tributes to Khan Abdul Wali Khan and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan. He said non-violent philosopher Bacha Khan was a poor man and always liked poor people.
He said that several times Asfandyar send his party men to his residence for joining his party but he did not agree with his so-called agenda. He said if they were true and sincere soldiers of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan, they would not support the corrupt people.