LAHORE - The population of Pakistan will be around 230 million by 2025 and if natural resources were not utilized properly the country could face crises of food as well as water scarcity, experts said. They said that there is extensive amount of convincing data pointing to potential disaster for our beloved country.
Chairman of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan Lahore Centre Engr Syed Khalid Sajjad has suggested the youth of the country to come forward to convey message of KBD construction to all members of assemblies, including Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and Punjab, besides heads of all political parties.
“We should dispel the notion that it is a Punjab specific project. It is not. We must get together and raise our voice and impress upon the govt to construct Kalabagh Dam without any further delay and wasting any time,” observed Engr. Syed Khalid Sajjad.
He stated that many organizations of Pakistan have conducted scientific survey showing the benefit of KBD and need for the building.
“Prominent amongst these is the survey by the Nawa-i-Waqt group, according to which over 94% of the people are in favour of constructing KBD . Institution of Engineers Pakistan has also conducted assessment of opinion both in Sindh & in KPK. Although knowledgeable people are in favour but the message of its benefit has been drowned due to incessant propaganda of vested interest to get round the ambient misinformation. Youth of both provinces need to take a proactive note in support of a project that would impact in rebuilding their future.”
Khalid Sajjad said that it is the responsibility of the people who are the moulders of public opinion i.e. their elected representatives, members of the assemblies who genuinely love the youth to do something substantive for them.
He said that govt should also stop to oblige the enemies of Pakistan by applying delayed tactics for construction of a life saving project for Pakistan. No country in the world can exist without big storages of water named as dams for obtaining water and almost free electricity.
“Unfortunately our previous govts chose an easy way by switching over from hydel to thermal through IPPs being a better source of inbuilt corruption without any visible proof. The contracts signed with IPPs are certainly designed in such a way that both Govt & IPPs have become partner in the corruption.
Khalid Sajjad said that the decisions have been made to provide opportunity of corruption to some obvious beneficiaries, as well as for the welfare of some of the Pakistan investors and party members sweating for participation in the forthcoming elections which is an obvious beauty of democracy.
New Govt should be serious in the construction of KBD and get rid of elements which cause unrest in the country and give a go ahead signal to construct the long awaited Kalabagh Dam.
“Our fertile land is being planned to turn in to desert just like Ethopia and Afghanistan. Water war between India and Pakistan is already at the brink.”