Islamabad - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday inaugurated country’s first Internet Exchange Point (PKIX) at Higher Education Commission (HEC) aimed to reduce the dormancy rates of domestic internet traffic.

Huawei Technologies, Pakistan provided the required hardware equipment for the establishment of Internet Exchange Point (IXP). PKIX will be the exchange point for all local ISPs.

Primary purpose of PKIX is to allow networks to interconnect directly, via the exchange, rather than through one or more third-party networks.

It will also enable local networks to efficiently exchange information at a common point within Pakistan rather than exchanging local Internet traffic with outside world.

More than seven national telecom and internet carriers have become part of Pakistan`s first Internet Exchange Point.

Speaking on the occasion, State Minister for Information and Technology (I&T), Anusha Rehman congratulated HEC and PTA on the inauguration of exchange point.

“Steps being taken under the telecommunication policy will take Pakistan to its ultimate destination of leading the world as a key player in IT,” she said.

The minister also stated that the policy has a critical one-point agenda to connect the unconnected is being strictly followed for improvement in connectivity in the country.

“Private and public sectors must cooperate to remove hurdles in the way of connectivity,” said minister.

She said the ministry is pursuing a comprehensive program as an enabler and supporter to facilitate other ministries as well as other organizations in benefitting from the development in the IT sector.

Meanwhile, Chairman HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed briefed the minister about the 29th South Asian Network Operators Group Conference being held at HEC.

“HEC, Ministry of Information & Technology and PTA have to work together to get benefits of IT tools and technologies,” said the chairman.

He also said that government is putting its resources through various programs for promotion of higher education in the country.

“HEC is dedicatedly playing its part to facilitate the higher education institutions with ICT services aiming at the country’s socio-economic development,” he said.

Chairman PTA Dr Ismail Shah on the occasion lauded the ministry and HEC for their efforts to promote utilization of new technologies in their respective spheres.

“Number of broadband users has reached 40 million in Pakistan while, inauguration of IXP is a milestone in the IT sector,” he said.