ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that real money trail of Sharif family came before the court, stating that Dar’s confessional statement was the actual money trail.

Talking to media outside Supreme Court, Imran Khan said that Ishaq Dar had confessed to launder money outside the country for Sharif family.

The PTI chief said that some Rs 1.20 billion were laundered outside the country, adding, that the Dar confessional statement was the actual money trail of Sharif family. He said that Hudaibia Papers Mills was running in losses but billions of rupees transaction were made from the mills.

The PTI chief said that no matter whatever decision of Panamagate case may be, it had changed the country.

For the first time, the Prime Minister and ruling family was being accounted for corruption.  He came down hard on the government,stating that everyone know who was involved in corruption and LNG and other scams.

He said that the actual documents of Ishaq Dar’s money laundering had now came before the court.

He further said that ‘Qatari’s letter Part-II’ was a joke with the nation.

He said that there were corruption cases against the Qatari prince.

The PTI leader lashed out at the incident of scuffle which broke out between lawmakers of the Opposition and ruling parties during the NA session. “What is the use of such Assembly? It is better to shut such Assembly and save people’s money,” he added.

Corruption of Rs 12 billion everyday is Pakistan’s main issue, the PTI chief added.

He said what PML-N representatives put on display in the NA was an absolute ‘fascist mindset’.

“What bothered them so much? That PTI as Opposition questioned them to answer whether Nawaz Sharif had lied in the assembly or whether he had lied in the Supreme Court?” the PTI Chairman asked.

This is our right as the Opposition in a democracy and Nawaz Sharif is answerable to the public as is any Prime Minister or President anywhere in the world, he added.

On the other hand, PTI’s Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said he has never seen such attitude of the government in the past. “PTI is being targeted,” he said.