NOWSHERA VIRKAN-With winter season in full swing amidst long spell of rains across the country, the demand for dried fruit especially peanut is at their peak as a result their prices have shot up.

A survey conducted at various city markets revealed that shopkeepers and dried fruit vendors are overcharging the customers. There is no check and balance system available for controlling the prices of dried fruits.

The prices are going out of the poor’s range as they seem helpless to buy costly dried fruit like fig, pistachio, walnuts, cashew nut, almond, pine nut, and raisins in the winter. Doctors said that dried fruit are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat.

They are source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and can boost fibre and nutrient intake and supply the human body with large amount of antioxidants.

PLEDGE: The Municipal Committee chairman pledged to work for cleanliness and development. Talking to citizens at his office, Gulzar Ahmad pledged to make Nowshera Virkan clean, green and encroachment-free city.

He said the poor sanitary situation in the city will be improved. He also appealed to the citizens to cooperate with LB representatives for uplift of the area.

He said that cleanliness of city is the prime agenda. Municipal officers, members of Municipal Committee and traders, civil society were present.