KAMALIA-Ideal cotton crop output can be achieved by remaining adherent to 23 golden agricultural principles, Kamalia Central Traders Union Chief Executive Shafiq Shahid Malik said.

Addressing a meeting held with farmers to discuss better cotton crop production, he said that the principles include: ban on premature cotton harvest, better planning of cotton crop cultivation, prepare soil for cultivation, realising importance of organic matter, soil PH and its optimization, choosing right good quality seeds, the pursuit of quality seeds, preparation of seedbed on cultivation, growth of plants, removal of grass and weeds, amount of seeds per acre, irrigation, fertilisers, importance of micronutrients, integrated protection of crop plants, protection from insects, protection from leaf-curl virus, protection from Mili Bug, proper growth of crop, cotton picking, selection and use of cotton seeds from own harvest, cotton storage and marketing.

He said that adherence to these principles will not only lead farmers to prosperity but the country as well.


The Punjab Bar Council sought an inquiry report regarding the alleged irregularities in the recent Kamalia Tehsil Bar Association elections.

According to the bar source, Khalid Rafiq submitted an application to the Punjab Bar Council Lahore that several irregularities were committed during the annual TBA elections held on January 14.

Responding to the complaint, PBC Executive Committee chairman Mumtaz Mustafa advised both the parties to settle the dispute through dialogue. He, however, sought an inquiry report regarding irregularities in the elections.