Park Lane Hotel is located on the edge of M.M. Alam Road, Lahore. Situated at one of the busiest hubs of the city the hotel is easy accessible and is close proximity to different markets and shopping centres. The hotel boasts a rooftop pool, a health club with massage services and a well equipped business centre. Complimentary WiFi is available. It’s been a smash for two reasons: firstly, the fabulous interiors, courtesy; bold colours and design touches that nod to the building’s nautical heritage. Our rooms are distinguished with modern décor and distinctive stylish bathrooms. The king sized beds offer restful sleep, whilst round the clock service is on-call to assist.

There is something special about Japanese food. Once you are on to it, then there is no coming back. You just love to have the yummy food again and again. And there is nothing bad about it because Japanese food is very nutritious and good for health.

Park Lane Hotel offers the most tasty and nutritious Japanese food. The new restaurant Asian Aroma in the hotel brings the best Japanese cuisine for Lahoris, who are conscious about good food and healthy living. Asian Aroma offers a large variety of Japanese food for lunch, business meetings at all times and of course dinner.

On the whole Japanese food yet remains undiscovered for many people. The Japanese sea food recipes, which prior to the opening of this restaurant remained unknown to the people of this city, is a pleasant surprise for those who have never been to Japan.

Asian Aroma provides an ambience that gives you a Deja Vu feeling that takes one who is eating the food to the land of the rising sun – Japan. One of the reasons could be the live cooking done right in front of you. The ingredients and quality of the food is excellent. Sushi that is served gives you the original taste that one can experience only in Japan.

No lunch or dinner can be started without first eating the tasty and crispy Prawn Tempura or Crab Stick Tempura or Rocky Shrimp Tempura. This not only builds your appetite but also prepares for the delightful dishes that follow.

Moriawase Nigri Platter that had raw fish slice served with vinegar rice, pickled ginger, wasabi and soya sauce was the next treat to be served. This sushi is one item that you must not miss. The live cooking of Teppanyaki Ala Carte served with vegetables is another food item that sweep you off your feet. The chicken supreme Teppanyaki cooked at iron grill is very delicious.

California roll or California Maki is another treat in the menu of Asian Aroma. Not a typical roll, the California Maki first made by Japnese chef in Vancouver, Canada. It is stuffed with avocado, prawn, crab meat, tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise.

If you are fond of eating rice then, Yakimeshi, a Japanese garlic fried rice eating with chopstick is the best possible option. Enjoy the nervousness of using chopsticks first time and eating the rice. It is easy but if you are afraid to go for experiment then don’t worry as spoons and forks are easily available.

The hotel boasts of facilities included in a five-star hotel, as well as excellent staff with exceptional levels of proactive service and customer care. The rooms have flat-screen TV with satellite channels and DVD player. All rooms include a private bathroom. Extras include slippers and free toiletries. There is a 24-hour front desk and hair dresser's at the property.