LAHORE-China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a win-win situation for foreign investors as well as local businessmen, Landmark Group CEO Zeeshan Ali Butt told The Nation.

Zesshan said that their previous projects Airline Avenue and Taxila Gardens gave them opportunity to utilize it as an experience to contribute in making CPEC a successful project.

“CPEC is a game changer considering the way it has already boosted the real estate sector of the country. It is unprecedented. A lot of economic activity has started in Gwadar and along the route of the project. We should utilize this golden opportunity to build up our local infrastructure and to support the local investors which can invest and earn profit in the housing schemes,” Zeeshan said.

Gwadar Port is located at a very strategic position, which offers a lot of economic activity to all the nearby countries including Oman, UAE, Iran and other countries. We at Landmark Group are committed to serve the country by establishing housing schemes along the CPEC route,” he said.

“It is high time when a lot of people having billions in their pockets are ready to invest in several projects of the game changer project. Many investors have acquired land and are establishing housing schemes which will be needed for stay of foreign investors,” Zeeshan Ali said. “We urge the government to timely supply the sewage and electricity facilities to the housing schemes so that speedily work can be completed. This would bring prosperity to the people of Pakistan, he maintained.

“The plan is not only to establish the housing schemes but in the longer run we are going to serve the local community by setting up water filtration plant as Gwadar is facing problem of access to clean drinking water. We at Landmark Group show our gratitude to build up social welfare projects along with our commercial projects,” Zeeshan said.

Answering a question on the interaction with Chinese businessman and investors, he said that Chinese are very upright people and Pakistan has brotherly relations with China for decades. He said that 40 projects are currently under pipeline that will soon be executed.

He was of the view that the commercial hubs which are going to set up from Gilgit Baltistan to Gwadar will create hundreds of thousands of jobs which will bring benefit the people of all provinces.

“We at Landmark Group are focusing on the Punjab routes and on Gwadar city where huge investment would go to improve the infrastructure of Pakistan,” the CEO said.

Answering a question on the challenges for Pakistani real estate sector to cope up with the opportunity of CPEC, Zeehsan said that private sector of the country needs to be educated and taught modern skills by the government so that they can attract the foreign investment in a more effective way. He said that building infrastructure including roads, buildings and transmission lines is the key to the success of CPEC because everyone is ready to invest but proper mechanism and infrastructure is needed to transform that investment into success of Pakistan.

“We are very much happy that huge investment is coming into Pakistan but we need to make that real estate sector could be the most beneficial sector. After visiting Gwadar Port recently I am now confident that CPEC is a real game changer for the fate of Pakistan,” Zeeshan said.