ISLAMABAD - The daily Panama Papers’ court proceedings have riveted the nation, especially the rambunctious news television talk shows.

Every evening, the court proceedings are dissected on various talk shows and debated tirelessly by programme hosts and their guests.

On Friday, during the Panama Papers’ hearing, the justices expressed their displeasure with the practice.

The five-member bench hearing the Panama leaks made it clear that the judgment will not be in accordance with some people’s wishes, but according to the law. They said that the judgement cannot be according to the wishes of the politicians and the anchors.

This is akin to influencing the court, therefore at the end of Friday’s hearing, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, who is heading the bench, said: “We will not be dictated by the wishes of the people but will decide the case in accordance with the law, in order to meet ends of justice.”

Since it was a Friday, the court heard the case till 11am.

The court proceedings have pendulum back and forth from apparently favouring the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s stance on one day, and that of the ruling party’s, the other.

The PML-N ministers and the MNAs, who were satisfied with the assertions of Shahid Hamid on Thursday, seemed disappointed during the course of hearing on Friday.

Musadik Malik, special assistant to the prime minister, after the proceeding, while talking to journalists, though said that he was happy with the hearing, but seemed perturbed with the observations of the judges.

Hamid, who is representing Ishaq Dar in addition to the PM’s daughter Maryam Safdar and Capt (retd) Safdar, apparently looked in a weak position, while trying to defend the finance minister.

Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen, due to today’s proceedings now have some new issues particularly unaccounted Rs1.2 billion in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills case, to speak about in their media talks.

The case has been quashed by a high court in 2014 but the Supreme Court doubts it was on merit.

Whether the confessional statement of Ishaq Dar given against Sharif family in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills case in April 2000 was made under duress or was given voluntarily was the main point of discussion during the day’s proceedings.

Hamid maintained that the statement was obtained under duress and coercion, and the law enforcement agencies kept him in custody, even after the statement was made.

The arguments presented by the counsel on registration of the FIRs in 1994 against Sharif family members in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills case went against Hamid.

The court thrice pointed out to him that how he was linking this case with the Panama leaks.

Hamid did not pay heed to the advice and continued.

He argued that though the FIR was registered in 1994 but the Lahore High Court (LHC) in 1997 in writ jurisdiction dismissed the case and acquitted the Sharif family members.

The bench wondered how the high court in their writ jurisdiction could dismiss a case, which was pending in the special court.

The judges though did not comment or gave observation on it but noted this point.

In 1997, Nawaz Sharif was elected prime minister for the second time.

The lawyer tried to establish a link between the FIRs with the reference filed by the NAB against Sharif family in Hudiabiya case, but failed miserably.

Not filing of appeal against the LHC judgment annoyed the judges, and they noted that the incumbent chief of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was appointed with the mutual consent of both the leaders of the house and the opposition.

Court directed the NAB to provide detail whether Ishaq Dar’s confessional statement was given prior to or after he was granted pardon in the Hudaibiya Mills case.

The PTI has demanded that this case should be re-opened and the NAB chairman be directed to file appeal against the LHC judgment.

The PM’s counsel did not file the record of distribution of properties among the Sharif family members, but sought time till Monday.

Interestingly, Salman Shahbaz Sharif son of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, in a TV talk show three days ago admitted the distribution of property among the Sharif family members and they have its record.

It’s PTI’s time to rejoice