All the age groups of society are influenced by the internet majority of which being youngsters. They use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp and many more. Excessive use of the internet reduces their interest in their studies and may have adverse effects on their health as sleeplessness becomes common. 

Due to the fact that the parents do not know what their children do on the internet, they are becoming more fearless and become involved in activities like hacking which is part of cybercrime. They also disconnected from their family members even while living in the same place. They are forgetting social values and norms and have become increasingly moody and nervous. The role of parents should be effective in this regard. They should take notice of what their children are doing on the internet. 

Technology, in the modern world effects our minds, behaviour and lifestyle. It has many positive aspects also but the important thing is to avail those aspects in a constructed manner. 


Rawalpindi, January 1.