KARACHI -  Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) failed to resist futures roll-over and weekend institutional profit-taking due to which benchmark shares index closed below 50,000 points.

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The index rallied during the first half to gain by approximately 700 points, however, amid last day of futures roll-over and weekend profit-taking was seen in the second session as the index fell by 228 points or 0.46 percent to close at 49,963 level, brokers said.

POL announced EPS of Rs9.8/share along with a cash dividend on Rs15. Stock declined by 3.2 percent.

Not so exciting results led other Attock group companies like ATRL and APL to decline as well.

They fell by 4-5 percent. Following announcement of FABL result, stock declined by 4.9 percent. FABL announced EPS of 3.59/share along with bonus of 10 percent, said Topline Securities Equity Sales Manager Hammad Aman.

Overall, volumes increased by 33 percent to 597 million shares, while traded value rose by 12.5 percent to Rs25.4 billion/$241 million.

KEL (up 4.10pc, 165.25m shares), FABL (slump 4.77pc, 39.03m shares) and TRG (down 3.65pc, 29.70m shares) were the volume leaders for the day. Out of total 421 scrips participated in the session of which 259 closed in negative, 149 in positive, while 13 remained unchanged.