SIALKOT-Influential people converted the ground of Govt Boys High School Kandan Sayyan into a pond by draining the village sewerage to the school ground.

According to the students and teachers, the sewerage system had been choked for the last several months in village Kandan Sayyan, about 15km away from Daska city. Certain people stated to be influential have diverted the way of the sewerage water towards the school ground converting into a pond of sewerage.

Students said, “It has become very hard for us to study in such ill-smell and suffocation oozing out from the dirty water. Influential people have converted our school into a pond of dirty water, by leaving no place for us to play. We are unable to study due to ill-smell, which has now become unbearable for us,” they added. They added that the dirty water has surrounded the entire school building from outside as they have to pass through the dirty water to reach the classrooms. The school building was established in 1970 and now 838 students were on the roll.

Punjab Examination Commission has already declared the school as an examination centre for fifth and eighth classes scheduled for February 2 and 11, 2017.

Meanwhile, the students, their teachers and parents have strongly protested against the nasty situation. They expressed grave concern over the critical situation. They urged Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other government high-ups to look into the matter and make effective measures to revive the school ground and building by ensuring the disposal of sewerage.

TRAINING LAUNCHED: United Sates Agency for International Development (USAID) launched four-month training programme on “Institutionalisation of Gender Sensitisation and Gender Training Materials in Public Sector Universities” at Govt College Women University (GCWU).

Vice Chancellor Dr Farhat Saleemi, Deputy Commissioner Sialkot Dr Asif Tufail, senior educationists, the officials of USAID and Aurat Foundation attended the launching ceremony held.

Later, the vice chancellor said that the special training on gender equality and women’s rights would be given to all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff during the training programme.