MANDI BAHAUDDIN-A training seminar was conducted by Veterinary Hospital Miana Gondal under ‘Save the Calf’ programme.

Men and women from the villages of the area attended the seminar. In his introductory message, Veterinary Dr Waqas said that the country was not producing enough animals to meet local demand.

“There is huge production loss due to early slaughtering and mortality of male calves, especially buffalos. Besides, farmers due to financial reasons do not offer milk to calves. The objective of “Save the Calf” project was to improve economic condition of farmers. To achieve the objective, it is essential to create awareness and train them how to save calves,” he said.

After introduction, the training staff lectured the seminar participants on types of animal diseases and precautions to protect them from diseases, housing of animals, type of shelters and watering/feeding. He said a grant of Rs5,600 would be given to each person who gets registered with the project.