LAHORE - Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameer-un-Din Medical College Principal Prof Ghiyas-un-Nabi Tayyab has said that Uro-Gyne Outdoor Clinic at Lahore General Hospital would go a long way in providing treatment of complication relating to urology and gynecology.

Addressing Uro-Gyne Symposium organised by departments of Urology and Gynecology in collaboration with Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons at a local hotel, he said that women often ignore urine and bladder related problems which further complicate them.

Prof Mumtaz Ahmed, Prof Muhammad Nazeer, Prof Tayyba Waseem, Dr Shah Jehan, Dr Saleem Malik, Dr Kamran Zaidi and Dr Zeshan Venis also addressed the symposium

The experts said that urinary problems should not be neglected. Women should not go to untrained midwives for treatment as such complications could prove fatal, they said.

Uro-Gyne Clinic was the right solution for such problems. Uro-Gyne Outdoor service has been initiated with the collaboration of department of Urology and Gynecology at LGH. This theme is needed to be expanded in whole of the province, the speakers stressed.