KARACHI - Business research projects posters exhibition displayed by different department of students at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. 

The exhibition has been organised by the students of MBA/BBA, finance, human resource, supply chain management and marketing departments under the supervision of Assistant Professor Syed Arshad Hussain, on Friday will be continued by Sunday  

The research reports have been presented on the topics of impact of demand policy and macroeconomics factor on share price of automobile sector of Pakistan, Impact of liquidity on the profitability of pharmaceutical firms and customer satisfaction about on line banking in Karachi by BBA, finance department students. 

BBA, Marketing students have presented their research on the topics of E-Commerce implementation in Naheed Supper Store, impact of brand image on customer willingness to pay nice premium for smart phone in Karachi, factors that affect kids preference regarding confectionery items, Impact of social media on consumer on line purchase decision, impact of social media on consumer preference in fashion industry and impact of brand identification of the retail apparel brands in female purchase behavior across Karachi. 

BBA, human resource student’s researches have covered the topics of impact of family work; enrichment on job satisfaction and effect of training and development on employability; a case of man tech, Karachi. BBA, supply chain management students presented their report on the topic of third party purchase services; A source of value addition for the clients. A large number of students and teachers visited the posters exhibition and appreciated student’s efforts.