Islamabad United announces Haleeb Foods as


Lahore (pr): Islamabad United, the winners of the inaugural HBL PSL, is proud to announce its partnership with Haleeb Foods.

Haleeb Foods is a leading Foods and Beverage Company, with a primary focus on nutrition, health and the well being of its consumers. Haleeb Foods are pioneers in the dairy sector in Pakistan and have contributed substantially to the continuous growth of the sector.  Under the Partnership, Islamabad United and Haleeb Foods have some exciting initiative and campaigns planned, with a strong focus on leveraging the digital marketing space. Fans of ISLU and the PSL will see some exciting and innovative content coming their way.

Regarding this partnership, Memosh Khawaja CEO Haleeb Foods Ltd. stated "It's a pleasure for Haleeb Foods to partner with Islamabad United which not only offers a great corporate personality fit but also shares our vision for a better Pakistan. Haleeb foods is a pioneer of the dairy industry and aims to be one of the most aspirational dairy and beverage Pakistani companies.

Through this partnership we will be able to speak to cricket loving Pakistanis with our new nutritious and delicious brand FLAVA. We wish Islamabad United all the best for the tournament ahead."

PACRA upgrades entity ratings of Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd

LAHORE (PR): The ratings recognize Engro Polymer's established foothold in the local PVC segment and in caustic soda market. This emanates from efficient production process, sound technological infrastructure, and effective control environment. EPCL is the only manufacturer of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), having dominant market share. The Company has successfully created liking for its products. Lately, it is enjoying strong margins attributed to improved international dynamics along with incremental domestic consumption; boding well with the overall profitability. Although EPCL has limited influence on both price ends (i) Ethylene - key raw material, and (ii) PVC - key product, import and anti-dumping duties benefit. On d emand side, expanding economy - particularly construction - has led to double digit growth; a trend that is expected to persist. On the Caustic Soda front (the other major product), the company enjoys adequate margins and eloquent market share in the southern region, close to plant location. The uptick in profits, in turn free cashflows, has yielded favorably for EPCL's financial profile.

RB Pakistan recognised at CSR awards

LAHORE (PR): Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan won two awards at the 10th International CSR Summit 2018, organised by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH).

“RB Pakistan is proud to be the face of the women empowerment and Hoga Saaf Pakistan initiative to achieve the bright future for the nation. These award achievements are the proof of the fact that we have achieved what we aspired for and RB will play a major role in CSR activities for providing a safer environment to the masses in the years to come as well,” said Fahad Ashraf, GM Health, RB Pakistan.