I wonder the how society finds a way to criticize woman. I want to tell the world that whoever is blessed with daughters and sons. Who think that boys should be more towards action games while they bring dolls and crayons for their daughters and tell them stories of princess and princes and let them live in utopian world. And all of a sudden when they reach to a certain age, give them the lessons of second home and mentally manipulate them to accept that their second home is their eternal home. They teach them how sensitive and insure they are in this world just because they are girls. Men abuse each other on the name of their sisters and mothers. 

All their life we give lesson to them of marriage and second home. She isn’t given enough exposure to groom herself to differentiate between what’s wrong and right. I need to make request to all those parents out there in the world who can read this all those brothers who want to see their sisters happy all those people who understand how hard it is at times to be a woman. She has life and if we hand over dolls in their hands, believe me that doesn’t makes her weak. She is just sensitive and shy because you planted that into her mind since childhood. She could not beat the rapist because you never thought that she should also learn basic defense skills. Because you think she isn’t your responsibility and her husband will protect her after her parents. Please stop developing this kind of attitude and educate your sons and daughters equally. 


Multan, January 22.