LOS ANGELES-Ashley Graham thinks Hollywood is ‘’on a really great track right now’’ with the #MeToo movement. The 30-year-old model thinks it is fantastic that so many women have spoken up and ‘’making men more sensitive’’ to how they are treating women. She said: ‘’These women are creating change and making men more sensitive to how they treating and speaking to women. But it’s also giving women a sense of power to take ownership and control over their bodies. Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes really spoke to me - I cried. It thought it was incredible ... I think we’re on a really great track right now. People are standing up and talking about the issues happening in their industries.’’ And Ashley is hopeful that celebrities and public figures speaking up will also encourage others to talk too. She added: ‘’The women who haven’t had a voice, the women who have been pushed down and can’t stand up ... I hope these are the women who have a voice at the end of this year and can actually say #MeToo.’’ Meanwhile, the brunette beauty is thrilled to see so much more diversity in the industry now. She told ELLE UK: ‘’[Diversity] is something women have wanted for a long time; to see who themselves in campaigns, in magazines and to be seen as normal, not a a token or ‘the one’.

It’s not something that can happen overnight. I’ve been working for 17 years and I’ve never seen an initiative grow this quickly.

Having editors, photographers, designers, and companies like Revlon and designers ... it’s incredible to see how people are jumping on a bandwagon that says ‘we embrace every kind of woman, we embrace other kinds of beauty that hasn’t been represented’. It’s a conversation we need to continue so it’s not seen as a trend. Size, race and age aren’t trends.’’