MULTAN-Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Aslam has said that corruption has turned into a cancer and the responsibility for the spread of this disease in the society lies solely on the current and past rulers.

Addressing the participants of a reception organised in his honour by the PP-196 chapter of the party here on Saturday, the JI leader added that the rules looted national wealth and filled their kitty while on the other hand people kept getting poorer from poor. He said that the JI was the only party that represented poor and middle classes and it was also the only party that did not have any stain of corruption on its hands. "The leaders of all other parties are littered in corruption," he maintained.

He said that the MMA had been restored and the JI would surface as a big political power after coming elections. He declared that the JI would field its candidates from the platform of MMA, adding that the JI would make electoral alliance with any other party than the MMA.

He demanded the government to give justice to the parents of Zainab and all other kids who had been murdered. "The murder FIR of Mudassar should also be registered against officials of Kasur police and the personnel involved in this murder should be punished," he further demanded. He said that Supreme Court's notice of Mardan's Asima's murder was welcoming but if all notices were to be taken by the Supreme Court, what other institutions were made for.