BAHAWALPUR-The Bahawal Victoria Hospital has failed to provide healthcare for the local patients while the corrupt mafia has become active to fleece the patients with impunity.

In the Cardiology Department, the problems being faced by the attendants are increasing due to the incompetent administration. There are no arrangements of cleanliness as the ward has become a safe haven for rats, bedbugs, and cockroaches. These rats have chewed the cables of the expensive machinery for which bills of hundreds of thousands of rupees are shown in repairs but no efforts are being made to rectify the same.

Poisonous bedbugs have become a critical problem for the patients while cockroaches and other insects are found on the beds and tables of patients as cleanliness arrangements are equal to none. The situation of toilets is in very bad shape; sewerage lines often remain out of order; and it has become difficult to even breathe there.

Likewise, tele-monitors are out of order and could not be changed, and due to lack of enough treatment facilities, deaths are witnessed on daily basis in Cardiology Department. The people have no other option than to sleep in the parking, grounds and verandas. Contrary to that, newly appointed Principal Dr Javed Iqbal and Medical Superintendent Dr Uzairur Rehman seem to be helpless in front of the influential doctors. They could not take some practical steps in this regard.

Associate Prof Dr Shahadat is in charge for years due to his political influence while the seat of professor has been vacant for years.

In spite of the media's indication, no action has so far been taken by the district administration. Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif did not visit Bahawal Victoria Hospital in the current government.