Rawalpindi - The mystery about Imran Ali, the alleged rapist and killer of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari, deepens further after new disclosures surfaced that he was also involved in ‘kidnapping’ a married woman from Rawalpindi in 2017.

Amid ongoing investigation against the accused, it was revealed that he was also involved in kidnapping a married woman from a hospital located on Saidpur Road in Rawalpindi in 2017, sources said on Saturday. The abducted woman was identified as Iram Safeer Abbasi, the wife of Munawar Hussain, who hails from Baghla Post Office, Haripur.

They said that the Banni police had lodged a case (364) on August 30, 2017 against Imran and two of his accomplices on a complaint of Noor Hussain Abbasi, the father-in-law of the abducted woman.

The sources said that a special police team carried out raids in Lahore and Kasur and recovered the abducted woman besides arresting the kidnapper. 

Munawar Hussain, who is an employee in Coast Guard and posted at Gwadar, had divorced Iram accusing her of being ‘tainted in character’, Noor Hussain Abbasi told The Nation. He revealed that Imran developed ‘illicit relations’ with Iram on her mobile phone.

However, Banni police denied arrest of Imran and she herself returned home and later appeared before investigators along with her father and recorded statement before a magistrate that she was not kidnapped or raped by anyone.

Noor Hussain Abbasi, rebuffed the claim of police and said: “They both were arrested from Kasur by a police team and he himself went to the Banni Police Station to meet them”. Similarly, documents available with The Nation also raised questions about the police investigation and claims of not arresting the kidnapper.

According to contents of the FIR, Noor Hussain Abbasi,  submitted a written application with the Banni police on August 26, 2017 stating that his son Munawar Hussain married Iram and the couple had no children.

The applicant had added that he along with his daughter-in-law arrived in the Rashid Nursing Home from Haripur at 8:52am for her medical check-up. He told the police that he went outside for some work by leaving Iram in a waiting room of the hospital.

The applicant told he was moving towards his destination when he saw Imran, son of Arshad, a resident of Mohala Road Kot Kasur, taking away Iram in a rickshaw driven by an unknown man after kidnapping her from the hospital. He told the police that an unknown man also embarked the rickshaw at some distance. “Imran Ali kidnapped Iram for raping her,” he had mentioned. Noor Hussain appealed to the police to register a case against Imran and recover his daughter-in-law.

Sensing sensitivity of the issue, then Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Rawalpindi Irfan Tariq Khan formed a special team comprised of DSP/SDPO Waris Khan Circle Zaigham Abbas, SHO Police Station Banni, ASI Aslam Pervaiz and two constables to arrest the kidnappers and recover the kidnapped woman. The police team carried out raids in Lahore and Kasur, and nabbed the kidnappers and recovered the abducted woman. 

Later, the father of the woman pardoned the kidnappers, including Imran, according to the documents available with The Nation.

The documents “Personal Surety Bond” reads: “I, namely Imran Ali, son of Arshad, a resident of Mohala Road, District Kasur, through this statement confess that I had kidnapped Iram Safeer Abbasi from the Rashid Nursing Home and taken her to Lahore. Iram’s heirs had got registered a kidnapping case against me with the Police Station Banni. Now, the applicant had pardoned me and I have received my all belongings, including mobile phone from police and would appear before investigators at the Police Station Banni.

Moreover, I will also deposit a surety bond worth Rs50,000 in the national exchequer if I failed to appear before the police investigators”.

Police officers of Banni circle were not on same page regarding arrest of Imran. DSP Waris Khan Circle Zaigham Abbas, when contacted, refused to talk on the issue, saying “he is sick and cannot speak”. SHO Police Station Banni Sardar Shakil said that since he had relinquished the charge of his office recently and he did not review the case in the recent past.

ASI Aslam Pervaiz, the investigation officer, said the abducted woman had returned home herself and later on, recorded her statement before a magistrate that ‘nobody kidnapped or raped her’.

The ASI said that the police had not interrogated the accused Imran after the statement of the abducted woman and disposed of the case. The ASI refused to verify the personal surety of Imran. “Do not insist for what I cannot do,” he said.

In a sharp contrast to the police statement, Noor Hussain Abbasi, when contacted, said Iram was kidnapped by Imran. He said police recovered the woman and arrested Imran during a raid at his residence in Kasur. He said the father of Iram had pardoned Imran without his consent, on which his son Munawar Hussain divorced her. He alleged that earlier Safeer Abbasi had accused him (Noor) of killing or hiding his daughter Iram and had launched an attack on his house in Haripur. “I am still the applicant of a kidnapping case against Imran and would appear before any court of law to pursue it,” Noor Hussain Abbasi claimed.

CPO Israr Ahmed Abbasi, when contacted, said that the police closed the file of the case after Iram in her statement said that she was not kidnapped rather she went with Imran with her own will. “Police cannot arrest or grill an accused in a kidnapping case when an abducted the woman recorded her statement before a magistrate that she was not kidnapped,” he said.