While there are talks of amending several institutions in Pakistan, one which also requires the utmost attention is that of the judiciary. A recent incident concerning lawyers in Lahore came to the forefront where an attempt is being made to strip the pants of a judge in a Banking court. This incident is key to understanding how the institution of judiciary now functions in the country and the amount of leverage that they are granted, based on which it is convenient to commit such acts. This is not the first time that lawyers have tried to terrorise and coerce individuals into giving in to their agenda. The incident of the Multan bar is also fresh in several memories where lawyers ransacked and vandalised a sessions court in order to push the judges to give in to their demands.

The problem, however, is the treatment that these lawyers are granted. For an average Pakistan, a practitioner in the field of law is granted a lot of respect. This is due to the kind of service that they are performing but the position that is granted to them nowhere states that they are above the law. In the case of the Multan bar, a concept of the court case was initiated but for the longest time, the Multan Bar President Sher Zaman failed to show up for the proceedings. The case eventually ended with lawyers apologising for their behaviour and they were free to go. This reinstates their belief that those managing the law can get away with their actions. The same form of terrorising was also witnessed in the Khadija Siddique case, where the accused was the son of an influential lawyer. The pro-accused lawyer group took the liberty of manhandling the prosecution lawyer. Such precedents need to be dealt with seriously and there is a need to snub those who misuse authority.

The court should not provide leverage to their own fraternity and those in this field should be penalised severely merely because of the fact that it is their job to comply with the laws of the country. The newly appointed Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa has pledged to work on reforms for the judicial set up of the country. It is imperative that lawyers do not take advantage of their position. A movement of accountability which has engulfed politicians should also create checks and balances for those practicing law in the country.