We are the retirees of the National Bank of Pakistan. The bank had made different rules relating to pensions for retired employees. This application of rules had divided the retirees into various categories having same cadre of their service, causing the creation of many anomalies. These include:

1. The employees retired from 1.1.1999 to 2003 were entitled 1/10 % of their basic pay by which not more than 7to 8 thousand pension amounts were fixed to one executive.

2. The employees retired from 1.1.2004 to 2009 were entitled @ 25% of their basic pay by which not more than 15 thousand pension amounts was fixed to one of executives.

3. The employees retired from 1.1.2010 to date are entitled @ 50% of their basic pay, which is not less than 40 thousand pension amounts fixed to one of the executives.

In view of the above facts it is worth mentioning that employees under category one were poorly affected as compared to other two categories by a rigid retirement policy from the bank. In the same cadre one executive is receiving not more than 7 thousand whereas another executive at present is getting more than 40 thousand of his pension. This situation has created big differences among the retirees. The present domestic/financial requirements are same for both the retirees, but category one retirees are affected the most and it has increasingly been difficult for them to afford daily utilities. Moreover, the bank has stopped release of annual increase in pension from the past years, worsening the current situation.

One class of retiree’s association has lodged a case for increase in pension formula from 10% to 70% in the Apex courts. The Apex courts decided the case in favor of retirees w.e.f. 1.1.1999. The bank lodged a review appeal in the Apex court which has so far not been heard. Meanwhile the President of the Bank, in various meetings with members of association, has promised to settle the case out of court and directed the concerned staff to make estimate of the budget for release of pension amount to the affected retirees.

Finally we appeal to the worthy President of the bank to look into the matter of miserable retired employees and arrange early implementation of 70% pension formula to the affected retirees .


Lahore, January 15.