WASHINGTON-Diane Kruger has a ‘’fear’’ of being ‘’tied down’’. The ‘In the Fade’ actress - who has a two-month-old daughter with partner Norman Reedus - feels ‘’anxious’’ if she doesn’t have stability in her life, but she also values her ‘’personal freedom’’ and ability to change things if she’s unhappy.

She said: ‘’I’ve always had a strong sense of personal freedom, you shouldn’t be afraid to change things if you’re not happy. ‘I’ve moved around a lot and sometimes feel unsettled, it is important for me to have some stability and structure or I become anxious. ‘But I also have a fear of being tied down.’’ The 42-year-old star thinks her career has helped bring her out of her shell because she’s quite introverted in her everyday life. She told Psychologies magazine: ‘’I have a quiet side and I’m kind of wary with people I don’t know. ‘That’s maybe why I love acting - because I become more extroverted when I’m working in the closed environment of a film set, and I get to throw myself into a character.”

‘I’ve always found so much satisfaction from being able to express myself through different characters and personalities - it opens me up.’’

Diane often reassesses her career and her goal and often wonders whether she should move in a different direction. She said: ‘’I think we find ourselves questioning our lives and careers and whether it’s still possible to head in a new direction. As I get older, I wonder about those issues more often.’’