The Chinese authorities have so far confirmed 4515 cases, with 60 cured and 106 dead since the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic in the country.

According to China National Health Commission website here on Tuesday, 30 provinces including autonomous regions and municipalities reported 1771 newly confirmed cases, 515 severe cases, and 26 new deaths including 24 in Hubei Province, 1 in Beijing, Hainan 1 case in the province, 9 new cases were cured and discharged, and 2077 new cases were suspected.

As of 24:00 on January 27, the National Health and Health Commission has received a total of 4,515 confirmed cases, 30 of which are 976 cases of severe cases, 106 cases of deaths, and 60 cases of discharged patients. There are 6973 suspected cases.

At present, 47,833 close contacts have been tracked. Of the 914 people who were released from medical observation on the same day, 44,132 people are currently receiving medical observation.

A total of 8 confirmed cases were reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 8 cases from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 7 cases from Macao Special Administrative Region, and 5 cases from Taiwan.

The pneumonia outbreak was first reported in Wuhan City, central China’s Hubei Province, in December 2019. Experts have attributed the outbreak to a novel coronavirus that has since spread across China and abroad.