The current issue of the Economist Magazine has pointed out that RSS and BJP led government of Narendra Modi was following an exclusive agenda. Economist argues that Narendra Modi, and his Bharatiya Janata Party are creating sectarian divisions that imperil the world’s biggest democracy. The BJP, which increased its parliamentary majority last May despite a slowing economy, has pursued a Hindu-nationalist agenda. A citizenship law, passed last month, makes it easier for long-term immigrants to naturalise as Indians—if they are not Muslims. Mr Modi also wants to create a register of citizens, which would oblige Indians to provide evidence of citizenship; many Muslims do not have the necessary papers, so risk being made stateless. But Mr Modi is meeting resistance. The citizenship law sparked protests that have lasted weeks. He could have used his parliamentary power to pass badly needed economic reforms; yet he has created a broad coalition against himself.

Modi’s mentor and a BJP stalwart Subramanian Swami was quick to label Economist as a part of deep state and Western establishment who could not see the progress of India.

Similarly, Deutsche Welle (DW) story of 17th Jan decried that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos faced protest in India just because Washington Post’s coverage of Indian policy in Occupied Kashmir and controversial laws like NRC was not liked by RSS goons and Sanghis. Although Bezos promised $1 billion worth of investment during his visit to India, the Amazon CEO and newspaper owner was criticized by Indian government officials over negative coverage of PM Modi’s policies.

Jeff Bezos faced criticism from members and supporters of the country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over negative coverage from the Washington Post. The US daily, which Bezos owns, has criticized some of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major decisions since his re-election in May, including the government ending the semi-autonomous status of the disputed Kashmir region, and the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). “The Washington Post editorial policy is highly biased and agenda driven,” Vijay Chauthaiwale, the head of the BJP’s foreign affairs department, told Reuters news agency.

The saner voices in Indian media are advising BJP leadership to listen to dissenting voices rather than bulldozing their way through. Rajdeep Sardesai, while comparing the two covers of Economist magazine tweeted, a tale of two covers: 2010 and 2020.. say no more.. or risk being called ‘anti national’! Have a good Friday folks!! The contrast in both covers underline how India was viewed in 2010 as rising India who could outpace China vs today’s view as a declining and fascist India which is descending into chaos.

Same thing happened with Time magazine, the magazine describes the issue as, “In May 2019, the Time magazine had addressed Modi as “India’s divider-in-chief”. His supporters had then asked for a boycott of the magazine by using the hashtag #BoycottTime.

Now some social media users decided to register their protest against The Economist in a similar fashion, but they ended up using the erroneous hashtag #BoycottEconomy. Looking at the faux pas, Melvin Luis tweeted, “Wow, this is epic! Sanghis please note economy and economist is different. Please don’t trend #boycotteconomy and give Modi ideas. Already he has done nothing!

RSS and Sanghi trolls have launched a laundery list of hashtags and social media campaigns including #BoycottBezos, #BoycottEconomy, #BoycottChhapaak, #BoycottPadukon, #BoycottNaseeruddinShah, #BoycotTime and #Boycott_Amazon and the list goes on. Has Modi lanunched a ‘war on reason’? We think he has.

Modi’s ‘war on reason’ stems from five major factors:

Modi and his RSS cabal thinks that the West cannot resist the existing and future potential of Indian market, come what may.

The diplomatic clout and soft power built by India in past five dacdes can rebuff any threats to her position in comity of nations, irrespective on Neo Nazi agenda followed by BJP.

There is a subtle appeal to Nazi agenda in the West as well, at least on the bogey of Islamophobia and immigrants. No wonder some representatives from Far Right extremist parties in EU were taken on a escorted tour of Srinagar City in Oct last year to tell the world that international observors had visted Occupied Kashmir and all is well. And this is happening in broad day light, where 9 million Kashmiries have been locked down in Kashmir Valley since last six months.

The thumping majority gained by BJP and her allies in elections in 2019 has been taken as a certificate to do whatsoever with Indian constitution, whether it was the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A in Occupied Kashmir, without a nod from State Assembly or the passage of discriminatory laws like NRC and CAA, targetting 200 million muslim minority in India, there is a growing confidence in BJP ranks and file that they can bulldoze the secular constitution.

Last but not the least is the RSS/BJP manifesto, which calls for establishment of a neo Nazi Hindutva republic by 2023.

The RSS and BJP leadership is confident that they will be able to weather the storm raised in International media as well as bear the pressure from protests against the NRC by diluting the effort of opposition in time, they can drag the issue for another few months, people will get tired and things will settle down. This stubbornness and intoxication of power has already cost BJP with losses in states where they were in power. Even academia has displayed the new trend where BJP student unions have lost elections, but BJP doesn’t seem to budge.

Another ploy used by BJP is the Pakistan bogey, even the campaign for Delhi state election found the word Pakistan resonating in BJP rallies; one of their candidates Kapil Mishra said that the contest was between India and Pakistan and not with Kejriwal.

Indian establishment in Defence forces, intelligence, police, bureaucracy and even judiciary has followed the RSS agenda; no wonder Gen Bipin Rawat, the new CDS, talked of sending Kashmiri kids to De-Radicalization Camps. The Indian Army Chief General Naravane has repeatedly threatened to attack Azad Kashmir; this can create serious threat to security of entire South Asia; Indian military and its backers in BJP must understand that Pakistan will not be a walk over, 27th Feb 2019 had clearly highlighted that Pakistan not only re-established Nuclear deterrence but also gave a bloody nose to IAF intervention and set a new precedent of domination of escalation in conventional domain as well.

India may be able to temporarily brow beat the domestic audience and minorities, but it cannot succeed in this new ‘war on reason’ by running ‘boycott’ hashtags against every international newspaper and media outlet. The international community must prod India to follow basic norms of democracy and maintain its secular outlook, the world cannot afford another Hitler in 21st Century.