ISLAMABAD - Members of Public Accounts Sub-Committee of Monitoring and Implementation on Monday lamented the non-provision of record regarding the loss of million of rupees by National Logistic Cell (NLC) to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) saying that there should not be a double standards of accountability.

“The non-provision of record by NLC to the NAB portrays double standards of the accountability process in the country. In case if we were involved they would have put us behind the bars but in case of NLC they are silent for almost a decade, members of the Public Accounts Sub Committee said said here. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Ayaz Sadiq.

The committee asked the representative of the NLC to submit the record to the NAB as soon as possible. In its progress report of loss by NLC due to the investment in stock exchange in violation of the Chairman’s instruction - Rs 5.387 million the Director General Commercial Audit and Evaluation Auditor General of Pakistan submitted the progress report. According to the view point of NLC, since the status of NLC has been clearly defined as a government body which, being a self-sustained organization, does draw any funds from public exchequer and is allowed to undertake commercial activities for its sustenance.