Lahore - More than 2,000 Pakistani students reported to have been isolated in their respective universities in Coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan are sending SOS calls for their early and safe return. A group of Pakistani students, including boys and girls, enrolled at Wuhan University of Sciences And Technology has spread on the internet a video in which they are seen seeking assistance from relevant Pakistani authorities on immediate basis. “We are facing scarcity of food and there is a fear that the rations will end in a few days to come. Fear has gripped us,” a female student in the video can be seen telling the authorities. The students are informing that Wuhan is one city of Hubei province and total 13 cities in this province effected by the Coronavirus have been sealed off. “French and US diplomats are busy evacuating their citizens whereas no effort is being seen from the Pakistani side for its nationals,” a male student deplored. Another student is denying the reports narrating that only 200 students of Pakistani descent are stuck up in Wuhan.

“Kindly note that there are 12 universities in Wuhan and at least 200 Pakistani students are present in each university,” the student said estimating that more than 2,000 students are present in Wuhan.