ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Academy of Letters has planned to designate a literature hub for young writers to produce quality work in the country.

PAL has initiated a series of workshops so far for writers to learn writing techniques in different genres of literature and now it is planning to create more guided opportunities for young writers to create valuable literature.

According to an official, PAL is producing good literature for writers like books for young aspiring writers to get maximum knowledge about producing literature while sitting at their homes.

He said that with the start of 2020, PAL will take effective steps for young writers to use their hidden talent for country’s literature.

He said that PAL is working to facilitate young writers to make them more motivated and creative to create quality literature.

He said that another commendable aspect of PAL’s working is its publishing as it has published almost 100 titles under a series to highlight the lives and work of poets and writers of different Pakistani languages.

In addition, it got translated a large number of literary works of Pakistani languages into Urdu and English, he stated.

He said that work on the translation of literary masterpieces of different Pakistani languages is still on. He further added that PAL has also published the bibliographies of Pakistani literature and selections from Pakistani literature.