PESHAWAR - The Pakistan Medical As­sociation utterly rejected the abolishment of Paki­stan Medical and Dental Council by replacing it with the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and warned to start country­wide protest movement against this ordinance.

President of Pakistan Medical Association Dr Hussain Ahmad Haroon said that government was trying to allow non-doc­tors faculty members in newly established Paki­stan Medical Commission (PMC) and has handed over the commission to a lawyer instead of senior medical professors.

He said that according to PMDC rules non-doc­tor faculty members could not supervise med­ical education in the country and only senior medical professional will deal with the affairs of the doctors in PMDC.

The PMA president stated that this step of the government will cause expensive medical education in the coun­try and in the first phase they privatised hospital and now they are priva­tising the country key in­stitutions, which would have serious repercus­sions on medical field.

He added that the grad­uated students would now face another exam­ination, which is called National Licensing Ex­amination. He said that Pakistan Medical Associ­ation strongly condemns this illegal step of the PTI government and would protest countrywide to force government on re­versing this ordinance.

It is to mention here that Pakistan Medical and Dental Council was play­ing an active role to keep close check on medical professionals and super­vised the affairs of pri­vate medical colleges, but the government instead of strengthening the PMDC completely abol­ished the organisation.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Sahibzada Najeebullah on Monday held public hearing here at District Headquarters and directed the depart­ments concerned to re­solve problems of people on priority basis. The dep­uty commissioner on the occasion met with admin­istration staff and direct­ed them to abide by offi­cial timing besides serve the people with extra zeal.