KARACHI                 -               Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Ka­mal on Monday deplored the rising inflation and un­employment in the country, saying the Pakistan Teh­reek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led feder­al government had utterly failed to even comprehend the sufferings of the poor.

Addressing a crowded press conference here at Pakistan Secretariat, the PSP chief lashed out at the incumbent government, saying earlier people were at least able to eat bread with onions or even water, but under the PTI govern­ment, unemployment, ris­ing inflation, and scarcity of food items had taken away even bread from the reach of the common man.

“No one is running the country’s affairs. No one is there to even stop someone from committing wrongdo­ings,” Kamal said.

Commenting on the on­going wheat crisis, he said that the commodity was available in ample amount, but the government instead opted to export it at a lower price. “Now when the issue has raised its head, the govern­ment has been forced to im­port wheat at higher rates,” PSP chairman regretted.

Kamal said no work was done in the country with­out bribing somebody. “Now people demand more and more money in lieu of some work,” he said, and asked Prime Minister Im­ran Khan the question as to how would he eliminate the menace of corruption from the society when he was indifferent to the backgrounds of even those people who are part of his cabinet.

“There is a clear contra­diction between the words and actions of the PM,” PSP chairman said, and added, “It is not appropriate for the prime minister to men­tion the state of Medina in his speeches every now and then, when innocent children are being bitten by stray dogs and being raped.”

“Name any crime which is not committed here?” he asked. “While poor people are forced to line up for re­ceiving a bag of flour, those belonging to the middle class are compelled to get food from Sailani Welfare Trust and other NGOs,” he deplored. He further said that people were deprived of essential items like clean drinking water, gas and electricity. “Around 25 mil­lion people have to con­sume contaminated water because they do not have ac­cess to clean drinking water,” Kamal lamented. “Whereas the Architect of the state of Medina, Prophet Muham­mad (PBUH) gave the good news of paradise to the one who would give water to a thirsty dog,” he said, and reminded, “This was the es­sence of State of Medina.”

He said Prime Minister Im­ran Khan had the opportu­nity, resources and budget to serve Allah’s creation. “These positions will not last forev­er,” he told PM Imran. “If I do not speak over this grim situ­ation, I will be held account­able on the day of judgment for sure,” Kamal said.

PSP chairman said the party had not been created to compete with any politi­cal party in the city, but to compete against the major political parties of Sindh and Pakistan. “PSP is a par­ty of 25 million people of Pakistan, and we will reach out to each and every one of them,” he resolved.

He further said that his party wanted to serve hu­manity for the sake of Allah (The Almighty).

Kamal thanked the peo­ple of Larkana, saying, “We did not expect the way people of the city extended such a wonderful welcome to us. We have informed the oppressed people of Lar­kana that their good days are imminent. Their fate is going to change for better, and their future is bright under the umbrella of PSP. Just they need to support us. Once they come out of homes against the status quo, the oppressors would vanish once and for all,” he hoped. Kamal said Kash­miris had been wrapping their dead ones in Pakistani flags for seventeen long years, and today when they were embroiled in a very difficult situation, we just protested for them by turn­ing the signals’ lights off for only half an hour, and that too only on Fridays.

“PSP will stand with its Kashmiri brothers and sis­ters and will continue to raise voice till they achieved freedom and right to self-determination,” PSP